Pastoral Counseling & Life Coaching

Corona, CA Professional Life Coach

Mike Maynard M.S., CPLC is a Professional Life Coach, as well as an ordained Pastor in the Vineyard Christian Fellowship. He is certified in Prepare/Enrich, a program for premarital and marital counseling. He has his Master of Science degrees in both wildlife biology and public school administration. As a retired Vice Principal of a continuation high school, football coach & Wilderness Retreat director, Mike brings a dynamic and multi-facited approach to his counseling. His life mission is to build, re-build and enrich family systems through pastoral counseling and professional life coaching. He is also part of Forest Home, a Christian Conference Center in Forest Falls, CA were he serves as the Ministry Relations Liaison.

Mike has been married to Marla for 21 years.  They were both widowed and blended their family of two sons and a daughter. They have  navigated the challenges of a "blender" family and successfully reached the promised land.  All three children are happily married, have satisfying careers,  and have produced amazing grandchildren. Together they teach numerous marriage, parenting, and personal growth courses.




Contact Mike at 888.634.6999 ext. 3 or [email protected]