Meet our Staff

Marla Maynard , M.S., LMFT 46876, BCPCC

Marla is a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist who has been practicing in the Inland Empire for over ten years.  She has an M.S. in Counseling Psychology and a B.A. in Marketing. She has spent the last 20 years blending her business consulting skills with her extensive training in Family Systems therapy to bring a common-sense approach to her practice. Her heart is to bring freedom and wholeness to individuals and family units. As an Adjunct Professor at California Baptist University, she teaches various psychology and behavioral science courses in the Online Professional Studies department, as well as being a Guest Lecturer in the Physicians Assistant program. Marla is a Certified Crisis Responder Counselor and is trained in various trauma therapies to treat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, including TRM (Trauma Resiliency Model), CPT (Cognitive Processing Therapy), PE (Prolonged Exposure) EMDR and CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) for depression.  She is certified in Prepare/Enrich, a program for premarital and marital counseling, and a certified P/E Seminar Trainer for those who wish to become certified facilitators. She is available to do various trainings or seminars in communication, conflict management, & family systems.

Marla has been married to Mike for over 27 years.  They were both widowed and blended their family of two sons and a daughter. They have navigated the challenges of a "blender" family and successfully reached the "Promised Land" of empty nesting. All three children are happily married, have satisfying careers, and have produced seven amazing grandchildren. They teach numerous marriage, parenting, and personal growth courses.

Contact Marla at 888.634.6999 ext. 700 or [email protected]

Gary Miner, M.S., LMFT 93723

Gary is a Marriage & Family Therapist with an M.S. in Counseling Psychology. He has over 13 years of experience in the field of addiction treatment, working with addicts and their families. He especially enjoys working with couples that are impacted by addictions. He spent over a decade developing and running programs assisting mentally ill drug abusers and addicted mothers with children. Gary has been a guest lecturer for the past 5 years at California Baptist University, focusing on the treatment of co-occurring disorders. Since he started working on his intern hours, Gary discovered a fervent interest in working with adolescents who are struggling with life transitions, family breakups, or any of a wide array of mood disorders. He is a firm believer that any dysfunction that affects an individual will inevitably affect the entire family. If at all possible, Gary likes to include as many family members that are willing to participate and work on implementing new healthy behaviors and communication skills to strengthen family dynamics.

Contact Gary at 888.634.6999 ext. 708 or [email protected]

Sarah Hainsworth , M.A.,  PPS, LPCC # 1451

Sarah is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor.  She works as a school counselor and as a clinical counselor.  Sarah believes in the Albert Einstein quote:  “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” . She can guide you in breaking the cycle  and to begin healing.  She considers it an honor to work with her client’s on their personal unique goals. She has been working with teens and their families for 10 years using eclectic therapeutic techniques based on the needs presented.  Contact her when you are ready for the new chapter in your life.

Contact Sarah at 888-634-6999 ext. 706 or [email protected]

Jeanette Grant, M.S., AMFT #96542

Jeanette is an Associate Marriage & Family Therapist. Jeanette believes life is all about relationships and how we care for them.  Sometimes we become complacent and forget to strive for that common goal of relating in a way that is healthy and balanced.  It is her heart’s desire to bring a sense of harmony to couples and families experiencing small bumps or major roadblocks in their relationships.  She has a lifetime of experience to tap into, as well as a Master's Degree from California Baptist University Master’s program in Counseling Psychology. CBU teaches a variety of modalities encompassing an array of perspectives for all ages.

Jeanette spent her practicum hours working at a shelter for at-risk youth, ages ranging from 11 to 17, and their families.  Some were homeless, runaways, abused, drug-addicted, and trafficked, but there were also those who just had difficulties trying to fit in at school and at home.
After years of raising four beautiful children with her husband of 30 years and all that comes with it, she currently have 12 grandchildren.  Jeanette has also been a teacher in both private and public school, where she found a great need for families to be heard and understood beyond the academics and homework struggles.

Contact Jeanette at 888.458.3990 ext 713 or [email protected]

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Taylor Paulson, M.S., AMFT#125415

Taylor is an Associate Marriage & Family Therapist.  Taylor believes that life is like a rollercoaster, full of ups, downs and loops for people of all ages. And rollercoasters take courage to ride - just as it takes courage to come in and talk about what is hindering your fullness of life.  Whether you are experiencing depression, anxiety , relational problems or something else that is preventing you from living your life to the fullest, she will work together with you through it.  Taylor has a Master's Degree from California Baptist University in Counseling Psychology. 

Taylor's number one priority is helping individuals, couples and children work through life challenges and educating in areas that may help to give you the tools to work on these challenges on your own!  

Contact Taylor at 951.456.2253 or [email protected]